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Following the success of last year’s World Cup in New Zealand, rugby’s focus now shifts to England, which will host the tournament in 2015. Yet money – or rugby’s lack of it – has also created tensions at the heart of the sport

Off-field infighting detracts from success

New Zealand All Blacks

Money and management issues have overshadowed the fact that the game of rugby is doing well and winning new fans

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Business of Rugby
Rugby is the national sport of Wales, and success on the pitch can give a huge lift to Welsh self-confidence. The sport also provides a welcome financial boost to the local economy
RBS 6 Nations Championship 2012 - Italy v England
Huw Richards assesses the form of each of the sides in Six Nations, and picks out the key players to look out for
Business of Rugby
After a miserable 2011, English rugby is looking to the future. Can they turn things around? And how healthy are the sport’s finances?
Mike Tindall

Wars of the roses

Internecine strife among players and managers has been the hallmark of the English game in recent years, and performance has suffered as a result

view of a rugby pitch

Show me the demographics

Corporate sponsorship has not been affected by recent scandals, as the sport remains a favourite of highly desirable consumers

Manu Tuilagi

Opinion: A question of loyalty

Given the international nature of the sport, does it matter where players for national teams were born?

Welsh fans react as they watch Wales score a try against France

World Cup success masks Wales weakness

The national team may be successful on the pitch, but the club game is far from healthy

The players of Ireland line up for their national anthem

Ireland invests in home field advantage

Shrewd development and incentives to keep top players in the country have contributed to the game’s domestic expansion

Nozomu Fujita of Japan

Japanese rugby prepares for biggest test

The country has many players and ambitions to place Asia on the rugby map, but the sport is struggling to attract local supporters

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

Sevens’ growth benefits whole sport

The short, fast game is becoming increasingly popular in its own right, while also introducing new spectators to the traditional version

England players celebrate during the Women's Six Nations match

Female players cross the advantage line

Currently, the women’s game is still the preserve of amateur participants but it is growing rapidly

Big events could establish viewing alternative

Broadcasters are betting that success for the home nations will convince sports fans to watch more rugby