Business locations in France 2011


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Youngsters speed up growth of dotcoms: a new generation is shaking off the country’s staid business image

Country is still a top choice to set up shop

But there is growing rivalry with Germany as a destination for inward investment

Festivities in Allendale

Marseilles: Oldest city looks to high-tech clusters to boost development

Research has brought prosperity. The next step is to spread the benefits and tackle crime, says Jennifer Thompson

Lille: Local politicians’ national ties pave way for prosperity

Unity at home also helps boost the city’s profile, finds Jennifer Thompson

Ile-de-France: Paris basin retains its pulling power

The region makes the most of tax breaks

Entrepreneurship: State streamlines funding system for small companies

Agencies will take a more coordinated approach, writes Jennifer Thompson

Enterprise size: Big and small complement each other

James Boxell says multinationals are important sources of business and talent for start-ups

Digital economy: Education produces the ‘geeks’ for dotcoms

James Boxell discovers a new generation that is shaking off France’s staid business image

Belt tightening: Cuts to save economy may anger voters

Jennifer Thompson on how much room the government has for manoeuvre

Growth areas: Overseas investors are not just here for the engineers

James Boxell reports on a 40 per cent rise in projects in the service sector