Mooc Tracker

A round-up of free online business and management courses

Young businesswoman working overtime at night in her office.

Why content is not always king

Mixed fortunes of digital education suggest hits are elusive

François Ortalo-Magné
©Bryce Richter

LBS appoints dean

François Ortalo-Magné will replace Sir Andrew Likierman in 2017

Franz Heukamp

Franz Heukamp appointed dean of Iese

Professor hopes to capitalise on the school’s global presence

Engineering reborn: MIT Sloan professor Andrew Lo has pioneered the use of modern portfolio theory on drugs research
©Shawn G. Henry

Financial engineering helps fight cancer

Academics are reviving the discipline’s tarnished reputation

Activist investors enter the classroom

Corporate conflicts are helping academics bring finance theory to life

Schools strive to produce entrepreneurs

Pressure to repay student debt limits launch of ventures

Rise in demand for courses on blockchain

Finance executives are flocking to courses that cover digital currencies

Asian schools produce few female leaders

Course programmers will have to factor in women’s lifestyle patterns

Industry’s dark days are good for schools

Experiences of the 2008 crisis have led to more interest in financial training

London Business School raises £125m

LBS attracted £50m from just two donors

Graduates keen to hear tales of adversity

A graduation speech about overcoming misfortune is a winner

Jean-François Manzoni to lead IMD

Insead professor will take up presidency from January 2017

Perks of the job

Perkbox helps small companies provide bulk discounts for workers

Silicon Valley goes back to school

Start-ups turn to MBAs as they manage rapid growth


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