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Law schools have an urgent need to update their offering to provide for transnational graduates who will be working in different jurisdictions and who must demonstrate an enhanced commercial awareness. At the same time, diminishing confidence in the legal graduate market has led to falling applications for both LLB and LLM programmes

A changing market means additional skills are crucial

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As well as sound legal training, commercial awareness is becoming essential for students

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Look up information such as fees, student numbers, the schools that offer online courses and new LLM programmes.

Difficult jobs market drives applications to top universities

Oversupply sees flight to quality by recruiters and students

‘Oasis’ in Greenwich Village is no remote bubble

New York University School of Law is making the most of its many advantages

Practical experience gives graduates the edge in interviews

Schools are adapting courses for a changing market, but none has the formula yet to ensure jobs for its students

David Caron
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Teaching of law must reflect realities of a transnational world

Top law schools must prepare students to lead communities that are both local and global, says David Caron

Anna Bulman (left) and Gráinne Hawkes

Female lawyers require more flexibility

Law firms are increasingly recognising that they cannot afford to lose their talented women recruits