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The 2014 ranking of the top 81 European business schools plus features on student entrepreneurs, news on food and wine programmes, reviews and opinion. Join the discussion on Twitter using #FTranking or send your questions to ask@ft.com

From the editor: Transatlantic crossing

Della Bradshaw
©Ed Robinson

Are UK and US schools trading ideas about inclusivity and funding?

Towering ambitions story illustration for Business Education European Business Schools ranking 2014
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Towering ambitions

Economic stagnation in Europe has led to consolidation at home but expansion abroad

London Business School
©Daniel Lynch

London Business School on top in Europe

UK school regains number one spot after nine years

Steve Allen, TFL head of finance. Photographed in Westminster underground station
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Finance chief’s journey to the top

Transport for London’s Steve Allen on his Insead experience and managing change

Jean-Francois Ley of Inseec
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A growing appetite

There is a increasing demand for courses in wine, spirits and agriculture

Simon Caulkin
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Management column: difficult questions

Simon Caulkin on the big issue politicians dodge

Dear Lucy . . . 

Agony aunt Lucy Kellaway takes a firm line on soft skills

paper dolls
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Dean’s column: Crossing boundaries

Fiona Devine of Manchester Business School on a thinker who defies categorisation

Alexandre Grandremy, left, and Gary Cohen
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How borrowing a car drove a start-up

A student idea became France’s first peer-to-peer rental service

Lars Strannegard, president of the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden
©David Parry

Fresh start

Lars Strannegård has taken over as president after a difficult decade for the Stockholm School of Economics

Book review: ‘The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership’

Can modern managers really learn anything useful from ancient Greeks?

Technology: Upstart start-ups

What a would-be Facebook rival tells small fry about taking on big fish

The best places to study

We asked readers: would you go to a business school in Europe or elsewhere and why?

Hopes & Fears: Yongkang Ng

What drew a Singaporean technology professional to Germany for his MBA?


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