Back to first principles

Chris Argyris

The pioneering thinking of Chris Argyris still offers lessons for business and teachers today, writes Roger Martin

Stepping into the unknown

Thomas Bata, ‘shoemaker to the world’, strode into new markets with a clear moral purpose, writes Dezsö J. Horváth

Ian Poulter (left) and Jose Maria Olazabal lift the Ryder Cup

A team of leaders

Europe’s astonishing comeback in golf’s Ryder Cup shows that it need not be lonely at the top, writes Sue Cox

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Beyond the ivory tower

A pioneering economist showed how the best research can have a global practical impact, reports Peter Blair Henry

William Boulding is the dean at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business in North Carolina
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Home truths

Why one dean’s unorthodox parents had intriguing lessons for us all. By William Boulding

Jordi Canals
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Dean’s column: History lesson

Germany’s postwar chancellor is a powerful example of good leadership, writes Jordi Canals

Dean’s column: John Quelch

His manner could be blunt, but Theodore Levitt’s intellect was both sharp and inspirational

Philip McLaughlin

Dean’s column: The moral of the story

Nelson Mandela’s autobiography offers salutary lessons about ethical leadership, writes Philip McLaughlin

Dean’s column: a moral force

Grigor McClelland’s drive and integrity have transformed British business education, writes Peter Moizer

Dean’s column: Alfons Sauquet on John Dewey

Lessons to learn from a Swiss watchmaker

Richard Lyons: Leading in a complex world

James D. Thompson was a pathfinder in organisational theory, shaping modern views on management and decision-making, says the dean of the Haas school at UC Berkeley

How Victor Fung built a business empire

Victor Fung exchanged academia for a family-run business, which he has transformed into a competitive global clothing supplier

Economic truths

A visit fron the Dalai Lama helped Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Angel Cabrera understand the attributes of good leader

Santiago Iñiguez, Instituto de Empresa, on Baltasar Gracián

In the first of a series, Santiago Iñiguez extols the virtues of Baltasar Gracián, a 17th-century Spanish sage.