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Cop21: Paris Climate Conference

Evidence is mounting about the sprawling jihadi terrorist cell involved in both the Brussels bombings and November’s atrocity in the French capital

Paris terror target reopens a year after bloodbath

Mixed feelings as Sting plays at concert hall where 90 people were killed

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People gather at a makeshift memorial for a tribute to the victims of a series of deadly attacks in Paris, in front of the Carillon cafe and Petit Cambodge restaurant on rue Bichat and rue Alibert in Paris on November 20, 2015. Gunmen and suicide bombers went on a killing spree in Paris on November 13, attacking the concert hall Bataclan as well as bars, restaurants and the Stade de France. Islamic State jihadists operating out of Iraq and Syria released a statement claiming responsibility for the coordinated attacks that killed 130 and injured over 350. AFP PHOTO / THOMAS SAMSON (Photo credit should read THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
So we ate, talked and, days before the anniversary, tried hard to act normal
– Anne-Sylvaine Chassany
epa05442524 French riot police guards the street to access the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray where a fatal hostage taking incident happened, near Rouen, France, 26 July 2016. According to reports, two hostage takers were killed by the police after they took hostages at a church in Saint Etienne du Douvray. One of the hostages, a priest was killed by one of the perpetrators. EPA/IAN LANGSDON ©EPA
The potential for fostering political and ethno-religious conflict is great, writes Jonathan Fenby
People gather on the Promenade des Anglais, Nice, as French detectives are tonight trying to piece together the circumstances that left at least 84 people dead and scores injured after a terrorist deliberately drove a lorry into Bastille Day revellers, before being fatally wounded in a stand-off with armed police. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday July 15, 2016. The country's president Francois Hollande said some 50 people were "between life and death", while several people are among the missing and a "small number" of Britons are injured. See PA story POLICE Nice. Photo credit should read: Ben Birchall/PA Wire ©PA
The country’s population now lives with the constant fear of terrorism, writes Simon Kuper

One year on the defiant Bataclan reopens its doors

Tickets sell out as Parisians resume routine in face of terror

Past police failures return to haunt Belgium

Belgian security forces again criticised for slowness of response

Terror attackers share similar pasts

Links to Islamism and petty crime the hallmarks of Europe attacks

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel gives an interview at his office in Brussels, Belgium on 06.07.2016 by Wiktor Dabkowski
©Wiktor Dabkowski

Belgian PM stands firm on UK concessions

Charles Michel’s stance signals tough trade talks for Britain

Terror report urges French security overhaul

Finger pointed at patchy surveillance and series of tragic miscues

Belgian arrests linked to Brussels attacks

State TV says one of detained is a nephew of March bomber

Belgian minister hit by airport leaks

Jacqueline Galant in charge of transport under growing pressure

Brussels attackers ‘originally targeted Paris’

Jihadis launched bombings after abandoning plan, say prosecutors

©FT montage: AP/ AFP

Third Brussels airport bomber charged

Prosecutors say Abrini admits being ‘the man in the hat’

Police arrest suspects in Brussels attacks

Abrini also final wanted man sought after Paris terror

New images of Brussels ‘Man in White’

Suspected bomber tracked walking away from airport

Europe focuses on counter-terrorism

Stung by criticism, authorities begin closer co-operation

Europe’s intelligence sharing falls short

Missed warnings about Brussels bomber reveal data-sharing failures

Brussels airport reopens after attack

Three flights mark ‘symbolic’ first step back to normality for capital

From Cambridge spies to Isis jihadis

‘The story of Soviet agent Guy Burgess and his generation may foretell the path of today’s Isis recruits’

Police warned Belgium on airport security

Officers release letter claiming ‘serious’ criminals worked in sensitive parts of the facility

US confident on Belgian nuclear security

Officials believe that Isis could try to get hold of material

Hollande forced to drop anti-terror bill

Move ends row over plan that created divisions on right and left

Belgium airport bombing suspect released

Dropping of Cheffou charges latest evidence of miscues

Intelligence seeks to unravel Isis network

West misjudged the jihadi group’s ambition to export violence

Third suspect was banned from refugee camp

‘Man in white’ believed to have been trying to radicalise asylum-seekers

Fayçal C evidence sifted for airport link

Questions over failure to close Brussels metro before second blast

Belgian prosecutors charge bomb suspect with murder

Fayçal C suspected of being ‘man in white’ who accompanied bombers

Security services round up suspected jihadis

Raids in France, Belgium and Germany in battle to break up terror cells

Belgium admits errors over Turkish warning

Ankara had warned Belgium about one of Brussels suicide bombers

The three-year genesis of a terror cell

Early Isis fighters in Syria return to Europe for deadly attacks

France foils ‘advanced’ terror plot

No apparent link to Brussels and Paris attacks, says interior minister 

Belgium widens terror suspect probe

Reports say police have identified second attacker on Brussels metro station