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A petro-economy offers opportunities only for the few

Nation dominated by a rich elite

A petro-economy offers opportunities only for the few, say Tom Burgis and David White

Economy: One of the fastest-growing places on earth

But dependence on oil has led to some striking anomalies, writes David White

Infrastructure: Benguela railway transformed by loans from Beijing

David White looks at the country’s relationship with China

Company profile: The Queensway connection

Tom Burgis takes a look at the mysterious China International Fund

Politics: Long-term president faces defining moment

Tom Burgis finds an autocratic leader eager to gather some democratic credentials

Manuel Vicente
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Manuel Vicente: Sonangol man in leadership frame

The minister says he is seeking to try to better the lot of the majority of Angolans, writes Tom Burgis

Oil and gas: Rival to Nigeria as prodigious source of crude

Tom Burgis looks at febrile global interest and state secrecy

Sonangol: An economic octopus

For critics, the group’s dominance is dangerous, writes Tom Burgis

Guest column: Transparency reforms yield little change

Angola’s true transparency battles remain to be fought, writes Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

construction of the new National Assembly Building

Foreign investment: Efforts to target projects beyond oil come to naught

Challenges of ‘weak infrastructure and high perceived levels of corruption’ continue to dog Angola’s ambitions, writes David White

Top tips for the intrepid traveller

David White provides advice for life in what is considered a hardship post

Foreign relations: Ever more confident strut on world stage

Tom Burgis looks at a strategy aimed at boosting strength abroad

Portuguese influx: Bound by 500 years of history and culture

David White reports on the reversal of a migratory trend